The Folkestone Comedy Club started in October 2015 after a drunken conversation in the pub.

It turned into something pretty great; every show in our first two years has sold out with some of the best comedians in the country coming to Folkestone and making some memorable nights.

The shows are all on Saturday nights and the new season will be on sale soon. There will always be five or more performers on a show and a great night is guaranteed.

The comedy line-ups are curated by our resident compere, Dan Atkinson;   Folkestone local and a professional stand-up comic and writer for over twenty years…

The drinks are selected by Folkestone Beer Festival’s very own Peter Oetzmann, who will be selecting some fine local ales to accompany your night of laughs.

The technical wizardry is the handiwork of Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and smoke machine addict Matt Thomas. Seriously, if anyone knows of a support group, he’s got a real problem.

If you’ve never been to a live comedy gig, give us a try; it knocks Youtube comedy and TV comedy into a cocked hat. We only book the very best.

So come down and experience the real thing for yourself. There’s nothing quite like it.