We recommend booking in advance online for all shows to avoid disappointment.  All bookings are also non-transferable and non-refundable so buy the right ticket or you’ll be in a right pickle.  Advance ticket sales will finish at 5pm on the day of the performance. Unless we’ve forgotten.


Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8pm. It should all be over by 11pm if you need to know for babysitting purposes.
Please use the front door to Dance Easy on The Bayle. If you go around the back you’ll get lost, confused and maybe even start crying. Although we have ample seating, your ticket does not guarantee a seat so please arrive early to get one. If you have a special need for a seat please contact us in advance and we will arrange a reservation in this instance (being lazy/tired does not count). If you’re late you can still come in, but you might just have to wait for a decent point in the show so it’s not too disruptive. If you arrive late for a seated show you’ll probably get standing room. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Unless you didn’t read this.


Obviously you can’t smoke in Dance Easy. You can smoke round the back during the break like naughty schoolchildren.


We operate a strict ‘don’t be a dickhead’ policy. If you are found to be, in the majority opinion, ‘being a dickhead’, then we’ll have a word. If you continue to persistently pursue your dickheadly agenda and start ruining the show for other people, then you might be asked to leave without getting your money back. Examples of dickheadish moves are talking loudly and obnoxiously, taking coke in the toilets, being aggressive, you know, the usual. Also, don’t record the acts. Like zoo animals, they just don’t like it.


Don’t be too pissed or stoned when you’re at the club. Keep it under control.


Whilst we make every effort to keep line-ups as listed, line-ups may be subject to change. We will always replace any acts who for reasons outside of our control cannot play the venue. If you are planning to see one specific act please call the venue before booking and travelling to confirm the act is due to appear.


You can’t bring under 18s in to the venue to the show. If you want to do so, then we didn’t know about it and we didn’t condone it and we tried to stop it.